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Vassar Automotive: Engine Air Filters

At Vassar Automotive we know an engine air filter maximizes the performance of the engine to ensure efficiency and longevity. Small particles of dirt in Vassar's air can damage your engine. A high-quality engine air filter features tight seals to keep unfiltered air from entering the combustion chamber.

Over time even the best air filter can become clogged. Replacing your old air filter is simple and allows your engine to combust more effectively which also saves on fuel costs.

At Vassar Automotive we offer engine air filters that are designed using an intricate web of synthetic carbon fibers that can boost engine efficiency by one to four horsepower. A top-quality engine air filter is washable and will last through hundreds of cleanings.

A properly working filter is key for keeping particles from reaching your engine that can damage the pistons, fuel system, and other key components. Call today at 989-823-8587 or come by our store at 1194 Saginaw Rd in Vassar and let us help you find an affordable engine air filter that is simple to install.